Friday, September 19, 2014

The Courtyard Photo Shoot

We are looking forward to reading about The Courtyard in next month's Glancer Magazine.  As a non-profit, we are always looking for ways to spread the word about The Courtyard on a limited budget.  Located in the alley and off the beaten path, we are hidden away.  If you are new in the area, you might miss us.  Some of our frequent shoppers tell us that they keep us as "their secret" as they don't want their friends or neighbors to discover us and find out about the one of a kind treasures that pass through our shop weekly.  Help us spread the word!  Follow our Blog, Like us on Facebook and share our posts with your friends.  In helping us, you also help Wellness House, supporting families with cancer.  We are just a click away from reaching 500 Likes this week.  So, hop over to Facebook and let's see if we can hit that 500 and more!

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