Thursday, January 1, 2015

"Green Light Special" at The Courtyard

Today is the beginning a new year and a new idea.  We are going to offer a "Green Light Special" probably on a weekly basis, of items in our shop that have been donated.  This allows us the ability to lower the price in hopes of stimulating our shoppers to come in and take home a terrific piece of furniture, set of china, painting, etc.  You take home something wonderful and Wellness House receives all the proceeds for their programs benefiting families living with cancer.  Win - Win!

Green is the color for GO.  Green is the contrast color of the logo for The Courtyard.  Green is the color of money.  This pine cabinet has glass doors with pine shelving and drawers on the lower half for storage of china, flatware, linens, etc.  But it an be used in a family room for books and games, an office for books and files, display space for collections, let your imagination run wild.  All of this for only $325.  So GO to The Courtyard and save money on this "Green Light Special".

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