Monday, June 22, 2015

Move-In Monday at The Courtyard

Sneak peek #55 -- it has rained all week and while we are all getting webbing between our toes, we did manage to move in some new furniture from our storage facility today.  It rained before, it rained after, but between storms and while the clouds cleared a little, we brought in these 2 sofas as we'll as other things without allowing any damage.  
These two sofas are in great condition.  One is brown leather with fabric cushions and throw pillows.  The other is a tan plaid with red and green.  Perfect for a family room, casual living room or cottage. 
For those of you with artistic talents, you will certainly appreciate the quality of stitching on these 3 hand made vintage quilts that arrived today as well as the and painted dishes that are almost 100 years old.  Wouldn't wedding cake be pretty on the dessert plates?

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