Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Webpage!!!

After months of work, our manager has gotten our new webpage up and running!  It is user friendly and easy to navigate.  You asked for more pictures so now you have them.  Furniture items are in categories and simple to follow the price and when the prices go down.  There is also a category for BOTW -- Bargain of the Week -- that shows what has been donated and is now at a super low price to try and sell before we pass it on to another charity.  After all, our goal is to make money for Wellness House so any of the BOTW items we sell gives the funds to them.  Check out the new webpage at and see for yourself how great it is.  Below, we have 2 featured BOTW items for you to view.  The first is a pine 2 piece hutch with good storage and shallow enough not to take up a lot of space in your kitchen, den, dining room, wherever.  Now just $100.00

 Second we have a white bookcase and desk combination with good display or storage space.  This would be great for a childs room with drawers and room for a laptop.  Now just $100.00

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