Sunday, May 1, 2016

Wellness House Walk

Today was the 2016 annual Walk for Wellness House and despite the cold and rainy weather, there was a huge turnout.  Over 3000 people affected by cancer walk in the door at Wellness House with over 2,700 visits each year.  While this is free to each and every person who benefit from the programs and facilities, it is not free to operate.  Wellness House provides many services to the cancer community and operate entirely on donations.  It's why The Courtyard is such a special place because all of the funds raised by us go to Wellness House.

The Courtyard Cruisers came with their decorated floral hats because today is May Day.  Some walked, one ran, some monitored our booth explaining to those stopping by what we are all about while we shared this very special experience.  Some of us are cancer survivors while others have family and friends who are currently fighting cancer and yet others of us have lost someone close to them because of this disease.

Near the START/FINISH line is a tent with balloons that you can write a message to someone special in your life affected by cancer and just before the race begins, they are all released -- it's an emotional and memorable moment to realize how many people have been touched by this disease.
Thanks to those who participated and helped raise $500,000 for Wellness House!

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