Thursday, March 16, 2017

Another "House Sale"

Our recent House Sale that we sponsored in Hinsdale, IL was a huge success financially for Wellness House.  It required a lot of planning, staging, developing a way for items to be priced so that some things that did not sell could come into The Courtyard, getting enough volunteers to donate their time to help direct people through the house, sell, wrap purchases etc.  We worked very closely with the 2 consigners who were giving 50% of the sales to Wellness House.  One of our merchandisers said "never again" while another said "never say never".

But look what was donated today.  A "house" that we felt we wanted to accept and apply our recently learned expertise.  So now we are having a different type of "house sale" in the shop.  The home is 5,133 square inches of living space at a cost of $7.69 per inch.  The house has a grand entrance with columns, a curved staircase, parquet floors with slate in the kitchen and carpeting in the bedrooms.  Fireplaces in parlor and kitchen and wood paneling with built-in shelves in the parlor.

There is great light that comes in through more than 30 windows and doors but fully electrified for dark evenings.  Come in for a complete tour and think about how happy you could make a young lady by purchasing her first home -- daughter, granddaughter or yourself!  Priced at $395.

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