Saturday, February 10, 2018

Repurpose A Desk

Remember when all homes had a large desk with lot of drawers where your dad sat and paid the bills or your mother wrote out her thank you notes, birthday and Christmas cards?  Well like other fond memories, those tasks have changed drastically with the use of the home computer.  Now we need or want a much smaller space for our laptops.  Many have gone paperless so the huge filing drawers are mostly a thing of the past.  We do our banking, shopping, make travel plans and appointments online now.  The world is rapidly changing and we have to accept that and appreciate the ease with which we can do our daily activities.  Sometimes we even have to try and repurpose some of the furniture we currently have in our homes or look for good pieces of furniture that we can use for something completely different than what it was originally made for.

The Courtyard currently has several nice desks from traditional to casual each of which can be used in a unique way.  This lovely semi-circular desk has drop leaves and a single drawer.  It would make a great bar and can fit into a corner of your living or dining room.  When serving put up the leaves so you have lots of room for glasses, bottles and mixers.

If that doesn't work for you, how about a vintage secretary desk that would be darling in a little girls room.  There is some gold trim but that could easily be changed to her favorite color (if she is 5 or under that would probably be purple!).  The four drawers are just the right height for a child to reach for underwear and socks, t-shirts and accessories.  The shelves can hold favorite books and toys while the cubbies would work for hair bows, jewelry and other treasures.  It also works for a place she can do homework.  This would also work in a bathroom for towels, toilet articles, sheets in the drawers, scented candles, etc.

This is a beautiful leather trimmed three drawer desk that is finished all the way around so it can be used as a server for a buffet in the center of the room or here's an idea - - - how about a desk!  Lots of room for a computer and still have available work space.  Just a thought.

This one is perfect for a more casual room in your home, cottage or cabin.  It would work well in a childs room, as a dresser in a guest room, or even an arts and craft table since it has glass on the top.  Paint and glue can be washed off easily.  Great for scrapbooking with storage for lots of paper.

So now you get the idea -- we have six desks currently in stock that all need a good home.  With some TLC and creativity, you can create a unique and unusual piece of furniture for your home.

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