Sunday, February 25, 2018

Weller Pottery

The Courtyard has received a donation of Weller Pottery containing 12 pieces all in pink/peach color. Weller Pottery Company began in 1872 in Fultonham, OH and made vases, bowls, and art pieces as well as more utilitarian items such as mixing bowls and pitchers.  The Ohio River valley was an excellent source of clay for several pottery companies that moved to the area including the makers of Fiesta, the Homer Laughlin Company.  McCoy was another manufacturer of decorative pottery and became very collectible like the others.  In 1905, Weller was the largest producer of pottery in the entire country.  They mass produced their hand painted pieces until 1920.  During the Depression, they stopped the hand decorated pieces and began producing simple embossed lines.  The company closed in 1948.

At one time Weller, Rumrill, McCoy, Rockwood, Roseville, Shawnee, Homer Laughlin and others were very collectible and brought large amounts of money.  However, as with so many things, this has changed and even pieces in excellent condition do not bring the money or interest they once did.

Please come in and look at these lovely pieces -- no chips or cracks and priced to sell!

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